Prof. Dr. Tom N. Grossmann

Chair of Biomimetic Chemistry
ResearcherID: A-4175-2015

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Chemistry and
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Amsterdam Institute for
Molecules, Medicines and Systems

VU University Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1108
1081 HZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


X-Ray Crystallography

Contact: Dr. Sven Hennig – Head of X-Ray Crystallography

We are open for collaborations and provide access to infrastructure for protein as well as peptide, nucleic acid and small molecule crystallography and structure determination. The workflow includes liquid handling for sample crystallization at two temperatures (4 °C and 20 °C), crystal optimization as well as handling including cryo-protection and storage. Diffraction analysis and data collection will be done on our in-house, state of the art Bruker D8 Quest X-ray source attached to an cutting edge Photon 2 detector including downstream software suits for structure determination.